May 01, 2019
3 Questions to ask yourself before booking a senior portrait

It's already time to book those senior portraits/  How do I decide on a photographer?  That's what I'm going to help you with.

1) Do I like the images the photographer has on their website?  

Those days where everybody's senior pictures looked the same?  They are long gone.  Today, each photographer puts his/her own style into the images.  Try to pick a photographer whose images you are drawn to.  It's important to find a style that both the parents and the senior appreciate.  Myself, I want to make your senior look their best.  Pretty (or handsome), confident, and happy.  Others go for a more fashion oriented vibe.

2) Where do you want your pictures taken?

Put some thought into where you want to have your photographs taken.  Some people want an urban feel, like in the city.  They like the angular lines and excitement of the streets.   Others want the look of the great outdoors.  They prefer the organic feeling of outside.  Still others want an indoor studio shoot with it's old-school feeling.

3) How do I feel about the photographer?  

This is one most people don't think about enough.  It's important to call and talk with the photographer if at all possible (yes, you can call me!).  Being photographed can be an intimidating process.  You have someone looking really close at you and trying to make you look your best.  It's crucial that you 'jive' with your photographer.  The best way to feel this out is to spend a few minutes on the phone with them and get a good feeling for their personality.