Before we get into prices, let me say I strongly believe a photograph doesn't really exist until it is printed so that you can hold, share, and really admire it.  When is the last time you looked at a photo on someones phone or tablet and thought, "boy, this is really good"?  You've probably never said that.  Screens don't make a photograph come to life. 

But prints can be expensive which is why so many people pay to have pictures taken, but then never print them.  Well, I feel so strongly about this that each of my sessions comes with one free print.

Yes, that's correct. ALL of my sessions come with a huge print (up to 17x22 inch) included in your price.  Digital images are included as well.

Family Session:  This is shot at a location that we agree upon.  Most people prefer an outdoor shoot, but we can discuss something different if you wish.  A standard family session takes no more than an hour to shoot.  This gives us time to achieve a variety of looks and is just long enough for most children.  $299

Senior Portraits:    A standard session takes an hour and a half.  This can be in an outdoor setting, city/urban, or whatever you prefer!  Senior portraits allow for more time to change outfits (if desired) and have a few different looks.  $399  

Dramatic Portraits: I shoot these at my studio in black and white 99% of the time.  For the men I make you handsome, rugged and masculine.  For the women beautiful, confident and charming.  This is a fantastic gift for your family, children (and grandchildren) and parents.  Don't kid yourself, yes, they really do want a great picture of you.   $399

The vacation: 8 hours of lifestyle photo coverage on a day your vacation. Travel time of up to 2 hours from Denver is included in price (longer distances for additional fee).  I take a whole day of photographs for you to remember your great times from vacation.  I can start as early as your breakfast and/or end when you tuck the kids in for the night.  Yes, activity photos are possible (I can come along while you ski, bike, hike, etc). This is a great way to have a ton of spectacular photos from your vacation with everyone included in the photos! $2000 per day